Broward Computers Networks and Technical Services, Inc. has been created to fulfill a need in the local community to provide active, educated solutions to small and medium sized businesses that are not able to employ full time Information Technology departments. BCNTS, Inc. is committed to help companies in the planning of IT infrastructure and to allow you the freedom to do what you do best, your business.

With thirty-five years of experience in the business of planning, design, procurement, implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure, BCNTS, Inc. is uniquely able to assist you in the implementation of modern technology. The advantage to you will help minimize the suffering, tension and waste so commonly associated with the entrepreneur attempting to envision and enact IT in a highly technological environment.

BCNTS, Inc has in its history provided solutions to business that began as individual startups to small business and small businesses that are now global. BCNTS, Inc. has as partners and staff Microsoft Certified Network Engineers, Citrix Certified Administrators and planners as well as certified product sales staff. With these skill sets we are also able to assist the medium sized business with the extra needs that are not standard in limited IT infrastructure.

BCNTS.Inc can provide to you not only simple single user PC's and peripherals such as scanners, printers and DSL or Cable routers but also local area networks (LAN) and Wide area networks (WAN). These can be operating in a single or multiple buildings, cities, states or countries, but our commitment is to you, your company, your budget and your growth. As you grow so shall we.

BCNTS Inc. sources materials primarily from local area business so that we can provide you with quick solutions, repairs or replacements but we are also able to source from the major international companies to allow us to provide you with unlimited resources and competitive prices.